About CryptoKnitties

Adorable, cuddly and unique, CryptoKnitties are collectable knitted NFT companions for your Cardano Blockchain wallet!

A collection of 10,000 knitted characters, each knittie is unique. There are even some really rare editions including a community design and collabs with other NFT artists.


  • 3/4/2021

    Community engagement
    Website, Twitter and Discord setup

  • 5/4/2021

    Alpha output test – on hold.
    500+ unique alpha #CryptoKnitties with relevant specific metadata in the image and stored in a separate text file.


    We tested an initial run of knitties, it works great!

    Metadata standards are changing. Our output works, we just need to formalise how to format the output for our dev – whoever they may be!

  • 9/4/2021

    Production modeling – Main set.
    Modeling, UV mapping and all that good stuff.
    Bodies, Heads, Hats and Hoodys.

  • 11/4/2021

    Beta output test
    1000+ unique beta #CryptoKnitties with relevant specific metadata in the image and stored in a separate text file.

    Because we opted for transparent bgs, we are using the PNG format, this does not support EXIF data, so we are not embedding meta data in the image itself.

    We have run live tests on-stream outputting 1000 unique Knitties and verified, live on Discord, our meta-data outputs against our assumptions.

  • 13/4/2021

    Production modeling – Main accessory set.
    Large accessories, hat accessories, small accessories.
    Completed on 10/4/2021.

  • 15/4/2021

    Production modeling – really, really rare stuff.
    All those one-offs and other accoutrements.

  • 16/4/2021

    All #CryptoKnitties are born!!

  • ##/##/####

    UFS #CryptoKnitties are… manifest.

  • ##/##/####

    Unique combo and JSON to EXIF script is made available.

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